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For many years, for those who want to stay fit and healthy for, Nike huaraches + Running application is their daily essentials and exercise companion. Nike huaraches + Running application store downloads in Google between 10 million to 50 million times in the Apple store, Nike huaraches + Running application performance should be better. Recently, Nike huaraches unexpectedly decided to gamble, the other from the hills to redevelop a running application. The name of this application is called Nike huaraches + running club, but now users are responding to this application is not active. Although the new app claims to be “for the run and do, from the runner,” but the old users can still upgrade is not satisfied that the new version loses Nike huaraches + running some of the important features and functionality, resulting in Nike huaraches + Running Club application in the Apple user ratings fell to two stars, but still higher than the 1.5 star rating the app just on the line when. Of course, the legacy still retains the core features: distance display, pedometer and GPS running huarache black and grey womens, At the beginning of redevelopment which application, Nike huaraches do not know why some, such as the exclusion of competition circle of friends and other features. At the same time, in the new version in order to synchronize data to Facebook or other social networking applications become more difficult. First, you must first data synchronization with Nike huaraches own random data, and then synchronize the data to other places, but in the old version, there is no similar problems. In the old version, the circle of friends Challenge is the bright spot, you can see friends of the rankings. While personalized guidance is still Nike huaraches + running club’s basic functions, but due to this upgrade, so that many users marathon training program interruption or data loss. Nike huaraches made remedies for this: to provide PDFs in the application, the training programs at all levels have made the PDF file. However, look at the Nike huaraches + running club’s Facebook page, you can see a long string of complaints about the message. When you go to Google or Apple store is the same situation. Of course in addition to complain, there are a few praise, praise the new version of the page look good, but the vast majority are “I love you ruined app is” like the message. In all fairness say that Nike huaraches application team has been active in responding to criticism. Facebook users on each comment will receive a direct reply to Nike huaraches. Just today, Nike huaraches + Running Club recovers the Personal Image function and tracking kilometers labels. The old version of the notebook function is good, users will often record their data on the gym treadmill, the upgraded version of these data will be lost. But Nike huaraches’s reply is still being heard bad tone: Nike huaraches will listen to your feedback. An application millions use every day, it is to make major changes at risk. Restore the old version of the voice should not be over Nike huaraches wanted feedback. The situation is really bad right? Of course not, some people will choose to stop using. In addition, Nike huaraches may have given a good chance to run other applications to show their talents Runkeeper, Strava and so on.

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In accordance with the practice in previous years, the entire NBA players most concerned about Kobe Bryant will be wearing new shoes to play in the Christmas wars. Of course, this still continue. On Christmas Eve 2006 NBA war, nike huarache extravaganza. Sure enough, the degree of concern as much as the Lakers and the Miami Heat on Christmas Eve shootout between – the majority of fans and shoes Section honey awaited nike huarache has finally unveiled its true colors. While the new design Zoom Kobe Bryant put on 2 did not win the final game victory, personal technology statistics did not reach the height of the past, but it appears double nike huarache is sufficient to make people ignore the existence. Subtle assists, tough defense, tuba third, gliding dunk, all-powerful in the game Kobe Bryant, requires more robust shoes to go along with him. This pair with Bryant nike huarache will break every action in the game, and become more docile and more takes a foot, play a good role in promoting and guarantee Bryant movement. While people in contact with the floor and feel can feel a force. nike huarache in the overall design of NIKE UPTEMPO series continues the design style, line 1 is more fluid than nike huarache, more dynamic. 2KX series ankle protection with similar Zoom Huarache on the shoe to give greater play again . nike huarache’s biggest selling point is its sole, sole use of lightweight and full elastic bottom, sole pattern designed primarily for hard flooring and design, and enhances the contact between the floor people can move more quickly. Midsole used in running shoes NIKE Free technology, the athlete can really feel the thrill of newborn barefoot on the pitch, so your feet on the floor to reflect the more sensitive, more fit, it does not make people on the move Genjiao shoes do not have to feel in order to protect the power and accuracy of each action, people become more efficient. In terms of cushioning, nike huarache is also doing quite well: the heel thickness 18 mm, 8 mm forefoot, this arrangement further enhances Bryant’s foot feeling. At maximum compression plate and the use of ultra-light carbon foam insole, the midsole makes the whole can be said to be “as light as a feather.” In the fierce NBA, you need to stay in the shoes dry, breathability and excellent design has become the main direction of the shoe design. nike huarache in particular the use of a breathable and highly stable support “considered” fabric technology, making the foot of the shoes in a stable support at any time while the foot remains dry. Velcro application also makes the whole pair of shoes in the comfort has improved a huarache ultra black, Velcro also printed on the inside of Bryant’s creed different game, so Bryant expressed inner feelings of the game from the outside. For nike huarache is A highly lethal concept has become their inner soul –Weapon of War (weapon on the battlefield), and this is NIKE 2 is defined under the nike huarache, but they also show that the this series of shoes will be the perfect weapon for the basketball players ever designed. Previously, NIKE for the design of shoes, there are many variations on the version. Different styles of shoes the same color, same style of shoes and sub-conventional Starter Edition, but this time the nike huarache, NIKE gave everyone to bring a new concept, that is, the same style of shoes are divided into three different versions shoes, and three different versions of the shoes represent the three different meanings: nike huarache ultimate (ultimate Edition): equipped with a Velcro nike huarache regular version, meaning Bryant continued to grow in the game, constantly improve themselves, as the team leader to lead the team to victory. nike huarache Strength (Power Version): nike huarache will support 2 enhanced version, focusing on support for the sole of the shoes. When using a dual Velcro and better durability. When the fierce competition into the moral stalemate, Bryant using powerful personal ability, completely blocked the other’s leader-class players, eventually he led the team to victory. nike huarache Lite (Simple Elite Edition): remove almost all the unnecessary parts and Velcro, so that the greatest lightweight shoes. Meaning Bryant at a critical time of the game, put all the burden, a fatal blow to the opponent, conquer opponents. Speeding on the track F1 racing is definitely a masterpiece of modern technology. People’s concern over the development of aerodynamics and engines, but also do not forget the important role of the tire. Depending on the track surface, the team of engineers will choose to deal with a different tire track, a good car needs tires better to have the most perfect performance. If the case of bad tires, the best car can not do anything. Now NIKE designers in the team to play the role of engineers for super car racing — Kobe Bryant, according to the game’s fast-changing, to select the corresponding shoes. For the three versions of the nike huarache design. Conference on new shoes, Bryant says: I’ll probably put one of the versions of shoes to represent this section I’m going to get 40 points, or put another version of the shoe to change the game too dramatic. This is enough to see Bryant nike huarache’s trust and affection. Everyone looking forward to Bryant will be wearing three versions of the nike huarache to lead the team to victory in a game.