nike huarache quickstrike

And the previous generation on both sides of the central leg of each fly line using six different approaches, new shoes, shoes fly line almost covered the front and center, will provide a better sense of the lock. In order to provide better ball control under various conditions, a new generation of Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes, Nike is still equipped with ACC technology. The shoe uppers have an ultra-thin synthetic materials to improve texture. Although the new shoes from the outside and it seems quite similar to the previous generation, but it actually added a new internal structure to provide better support leg lock. In addition, a new generation of Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes also uses a new outsole design. Although the position of the spike and the previous generation are similar, but its shape was amazing triangle, it is expected to bring an alarming rate on the FG venue. But I am afraid that more people suffered new shoes to give up the 4th generation carbon fiber outsole Superfly used, and switch to nylon material. At the same time, the end of the new design also uses a similar design on toe Hypervenom Phantom II employed. New shoes to black in color, and with eye-catching “shock pink” color outline Swoosh logo and the words printed ACC.