nike lunar huarache carbon elite white

Some professional football schools require students to wear all-black football shoes, and as inspiration designed black nike huarache will bring more shocking visual effects in the dark. When the “Academy Pack” starting in April, which had been included in the first generation of nike huarache , and now renewed passion, the second generation of nike huarache finally got its rightful place in the series. Please allow us to color the series named “black / black / black.” Because in fact nike huarache II iconic various patterns on the shoe still been retained, but they are hidden in the dark being. When all four series are used when the same low-profile design, the players chose to focus when soccer shoes will look cool from the back to different technologies and materials used in the sections of shoes, provided by different comfort and performance. Nike through the latest “Electro Flare” a split series introduces a new visual effects, and the series of nike huarache autumn of 2015 brought “Night lemon / volt yellow / black” color.The soccer shoe uppers mainly glowing metallic luster of “Night lemon” tone color, and the heel and midfoot and yellow pattern volts, volt yellow Swoosh logo and outsole volt yellow pavilions. The shoes woven material dynamic fit collar combination of these three colors, but as a super top-Obra, also the same exclusive three-color laces.