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Herbert Hainer, who took over as president since 1987, has been in the Nike sales department since 2001 and became president in 2001 for 15 years. In contrast, Rorsted is a layman, but fortunately Rorsted in the management of the German beauty brand Henkel eight years gathered a group of admirers, in January the company announced Rorsted succession Nike’s stock rose double-digit. This year Nike shares rose 78%, while Nike shares fell 17%. In Rorsted took over, Nike has made a change in its prospects in the United States has become clear. Nike this year from the hands of Skechers took the second position of the US sneakers. According to NPD Group data, Nike in the United States last January-September average market share of 4.3%,nike air huarache junior uk, Nike is 41%. Nike rose to 7.1% this year, Nike fell to 38%. Although Nike is still obvious advantages, but the rapid encroachment Nike Nike in the market. Nike is very smart integration of old products and new products. In this year’s best-selling season back to school 5 products in the 2 models are classic, but in the shape of the changes made. NPD Group analyst Matt Powell pointed out that the past two years, Nike did not provide the US consumers want the product: retro shoes and casual shoes, especially in footwear. Nike two years ago in fact began a large restructuring, the 200 employees sent from the German headquarters in the United States. Including the chief designer, in order to break the two independent operation of the local situation. Adidas global brand officer Eric Liedtke in two areas have worked, he believes that the reorganization of the German people a better understanding of the US market, which is the reason for the revival of the company. Nike sports fashion brand experience shop in the concept of respected selection and sports fashion-based, its location are the city’s most popular fashion landmarks, and the most gorgeous and atmospheric decoration style of the store to become one of the regional focus of fashion . November 6 opening in Beijing Blue Harbor is the first store in Beijing Nike sports fashion brand experience shop, mainly engaged in selected running and training products, clover and NEO full range of products. In addition, there are a variety of the latest joint cooperation models, and has always been popular influx of people love the miadidas footwear customization services for the fashion energy heroes provide the most innovative equipment and quality service.