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Nike’s “a brother” status encountered unprecedented challenges. A few days ago, the Nike Group released the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 confirmed the market’s pessimistic view of the company, even if 10% of the quarter income fixed exchange rate rose, but the next six months, orders growth worse than market expectations. More notably, the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturer is losing ground in the context of Adidas’s strong recovery and the rise of Andreas and the emergence of distinctive independent brands. Nike’s latest results show that as of August 31, 2016,nike air huarache triple black europe, Nike sales reached 9.06 billion US dollars, compared with 8.414 billion US dollars last year rose 8%. But the situation is not optimistic, according to Nike is expected in the next 6 months, orders increased by only 5% over the same period last year 9% growth rate fell 4%, while the North American market growth of only 1%. This is the lowest order volume in five quarters, and the amount of future orders is an important factor in measuring the development of enterprises.
It is worth mentioning that, in addition to China and Japan operating income over the same period last year rose 410 million US dollars and 140 million US dollars, the rate of increase of 12% and 39%, respectively. Nike in the major markets in North America and Western Europe decreased by 4% and 19%, respectively, over the same period last year decreased by 38 million and 93 million US dollars. The most significant decline in emerging markets which, down $ 87 million, down 34%. Nike’s overall pre-tax income fell 11% year-on-year.
In addition, Nike’s inventory has jumped 11% in the first quarter to 4.9 billion US dollars. Inventory increases, the Nike online store under the face of competitors can play 7.5 fold a reason. Relative to the difficult market environment Nike, adidas market development is good, the overall performance of rapid growth. The second quarter of this year, Adidas overall operating income reached 4.4 billion euros, an increase of 13%, if the exchange rate unchanged, based on the increase of up to 21%. Among them, the operating income in China rose by 30% in the United States, sales soared to 788 million euros, the rate of increase of 22.6%.
Despite declining sales in Latin America and Russia, revenue growth of 7.9% and 7.2%, respectively. In the first half of this year, Adidas’s net profit soared 99% to 291 million euros, operating profit rose to 414 million euros, up 77%, far exceeding analysts’ expectations.