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Last week, Nike released the latest quarterly sales data, although Nike’s quarterly profit than analysts expected earlier, but Nike’s current orders fell sharply, analysts began to worry about the company’s future business, so that investors are more worried about Is the long-term as a sportswear ruler, Nike’s leading edge has been weakened, is facing from smart rivals Adidas and Under Armor fierce competition, the latter two in the professional and cool degree than Nike.
In the past year, Adidas has sold 8 million pairs of Stan Smith and 15 million pairs of Super Star, Garnier Bryan investment bank analyst C├ędric Rossi pointed out, Adidas is gradually replacing Nike’s market share.
Since last year, Adidas, whether sales and profit growth, brand exposure or stock performance, are far more than Nike, Adidas to know in 2014 was the worst performance of the sports brand, is a negative to stop forecasting group sales And long-term profit targets, in less than two years time to re-rise,nike huarache ultra IV black, in the end it is how to do? In fact, the domestic commonly known as coconut shoes first started in 2005 Kayne West Adidas’s main rival Nike Air180 series, As a result of Nike refused to pay royalties, Kayne West in 2014 to switch to its biggest competitor Adidas. January 18, Adidas announced the appointment of new personnel, the German giant Henkel Group CEO Kasper Rorsted will join Adidas, as the Group’s new CEO, and the group’s current CEO Herbert Hainer has left last week. Adidas said that the company has learned from the mistakes of the past, the company did not focus on consumer demand, too static led to the loss of consumer enthusiasm for the brand. In order to attract more young consumers, Adidas also sponsor the team to adjust, in the end of last year and cooperation 11 years of NBA tournament sponsorship agreement, and began sponsoring NBA star James Harden and European football star Paul Pogba and other young athletes. In contrast, Nike sign athletes LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant seems to have no longer favored by the younger generation of shoe fans, in the eyes of many young people, these stars out of date. Nike will also face increasingly fierce competition in the female sportswear market, clothing sales are still weak as well as the most popular basketball shoes or will become the past three serious challenges.