nike huarache silver grey

Nike is currently the most famous two sports brand, both in the field of product competition, in the high-tech competition is to achieve the white-hot program. Recently nike launched the latest high-tech running shoes – Springblade running shoes, with the industry’s highest feedback available huarache silver grey, NikeSpringblade running shoes is different from the use of EVA in the end of the traditional running shoes, SpringBlade soles have 16 inclined blades, blades made of high-tech polymers, with high flexibility and toughness. Nike said it took six years to study the Springblade technology, and tested a variety of materials to ensure that sports brand adidas basketball shoes Mutombo will usher in the autumn and winter of this year Black / White / Purple this new color scheme. Originally for the retired NBA star Dikembe Mutombo salute, and from its descent to draw inspiration for the Congo, the new shoes in the design of black as the main body, and the black and white African totem into one, supplemented by purple leather edge and car sewing Line embellishment, in the filling collar can also see the words “55”, while the thick and flexible outsole will continue to bring the ideal affixed to feelings. Like a lot of friends may wish to pay attention. At the scene, the first endorsement for the sports brand Ke Zhendong expressed love for the movement, he said: “Sports is a very happy thing, as nike man training spokesperson made me feel very excited and happy. I like to carry out fitness training, to maintain body and mental state.In addition, running is my very favorite sports, this climacool breeze running shoes to bring 360-degree breathable experience, both feet in the running can breathe without burden. With nike2013 “Said Jens Meyer, vice president of marketing for nike sports performance in China.” Nike has always attached great importance to the development of the Chinese sports market, especially in the sports market, “said Jens Meyer, We have been exceptionally motivated by the most popular sports programs in training and running.Now the number of running enthusiasts in China has increased significantly every year, we are committed to bring the best experience for this group to help them get More comfortable new build climacool breeze running shoes for the hot season is carefully designed products, but also nike all-out effort to cast the classic.We hope climacool brings 360-degree breathable experience to help more people find running Fun, fall in love with the sport. “