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Nike realized that the original product has gradually lost to the consumer, especially the millennium generation of attractive, product innovation is imminent. So in the past year, whether it is to increase the classic brand of Stan Smith color, and Kanye West to launch limited edition Yeezy Boots, a variety of strategies are all stimulating the consumer’s desire to buy their products. Sports shoesource analyst Neil Schwartz said: “Nike shoes have only a few color options, and now a 31 different styles of shoes, Nike recovery is inseparable from the Millennium generation of consumers.” Now whether it is Fashion Week in New York or Paris, you can see the fashion bloggers or stars wearing Stan Smith to attend the major show, the designer Marc Jacobs and Celine creative director Phoebe Philo also appeared in Stan Smith,nike huarache gold uk, David Beckham with a pair of Stan Smith White shoes and light gray hooded coat brush fashion news layout, the domestic fashion leader Liu Wen, China’s supermodel opinion is also wearing a pair of small white shoes running the streets, this is a very fashionable approach, and now young consumers Dress concept is changing, in the spread of the rapid expansion of the same time, Nike also gained greater profit margins. In order to attract more young consumers, Nike also sponsor the team to adjust, in the end of last year and cooperation 11 years of NBA tournament sponsorship agreement, and began sponsoring NBA star James Harden and European football star Paul Pogba and other young athletes. In contrast, Nike sign athletes LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant seems to have no longer favored by the younger generation of shoe fans, in the eyes of many young people, these stars out of date. Nike will also face increasingly fierce competition in the female sportswear market, clothing sales are still weak as well as the most popular basketball shoes or will become the past three serious challenges. Herbert Hainer assigned the majority of Nike’s marketing spend to six major global cities, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai, as well as star shoes NMD momentum and social media communications. The group noted that the volume of these key cities More than any other country, and if you win the New York and Los Angeles markets, then the brand will be able to win the US market. Nike global sales manager Roland Auschel said, the global trend of 50% of the young population living in these key cities, and contributed 80% of global GDP. These are the focus of our new program to develop the market. Herbert Hainer, the former CEO of the Nike Five-Year Plan, predicts that Herzo is moving ahead of the world’s No. 1 sporting goods company. Herzo is the acronym for German-born Herzogenaurach, where Nike is headquartered. He was not kidding, and all executives were present during the Group’s 8-hour marathon, Herbert Hainer said Nike would move production to Asia to shorten the production cycle, and according to quarterly trends And best-selling products, to speed up the creation of new season.