nike huaraches green women

From the “Flyknit” series, Nike is committed to the natural rhythm (Natural Motion) concept applied to product design, through the appearance, function and movement of the perfect intersection, tap the human potential, narrow the distance between the product and the human body. “We are working tirelessly in the design not only to consider what the sport has, but also to consider the movement of the person he is like,” Nike executive vice president of design John Hoke said. “Our goal is to continue to think, in the case of athletes continue to move, how can we create a new design language to solve some new problems.” These 25 models exhibited in the exhibition of sports shoes, a bit huaraches green women, But perhaps in 2020, these shoes are hot season it. The “whisker” of the design is made out of a 3D printer and can be used as a “sensor” to “let you feel as an athlete.” The shoe is “dipped” in many layers of polyurethane foam, No matter how intense the runners run, it will not be completely squeezed deformation. While eliminating the foot on the ground by the impact. This shoe also uses the 3D printing technology, soles “disappear”, athletes wear it running feel completely different. Jeff Johnson inspired by the design of the shoes, it seems not like walking on the needle. The shoes from the outside protective effect of the packaging of plastic bags, which filled with dynamic sand, you can damping. With spiral wraps, the density, height and weight of the shoe can be adjusted to suit the wearer’s own condition. Running on a flexible ball looks uncomfortable, but the athletes are a lot of benefits. Bubble toe separator looks strange, but Nike that this can form a “segment buffer”, in the appropriate expansion and contraction by the impact. This shoe is Nike called “cheeky design.” It will mop at the foot, like an air cushion. It also gives the subconscious signal of competition: I want to wipe the floor with you! Compared with the elastic ball series shoes more practical. This shoe uses only a few more flexible balls, adds compression, and uses 3D printing to improve stability. Walking on rocks sounds terrible, but it is based on a pebble massage road found in Taiwan, which can improve health and fitness. This shoe looks ridiculous, you can put on, the inside of the spring buffer polymerization will be down to the normal height. Champagne packaging allows shoes to have a bulky shoe sole, but because of shaking can produce foam, so the athlete’s foot length changes, creating a personalized buffer system. Memory foam not only applies to pillows. In this design, it forms a ductile cushion. This shoe is not designed for running. The Vibrating Outsole is designed to help the athlete recover better after exercising.