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If you want to find a word to describe the Nike football in the past year, it must be, busy! Today we look back at 2016 Nike football, of course, can see the smiling faces of C Lo constantly appear, but also have a change in the situation of innovation and technology, a variety of limited edition strong attack there are a variety of cross-border cooperation products. Of course, there CR7, but we have mentioned him. As a benchmark for Nike’s character, C Lo in 2016 can be described as live up to expectations. Not only won the Champions League, the European Cup, as well as personal honor Golden Globe, and Nike in his praise also spared no effort. Nei Maer is still on the road to become the number one,nike huarache pink black, and Nike also tasted the taste of his maverick. Leaving aside the players, Nike in 2016 to continue their high-top campaign, but also brought some key product updates and some people unexpected products. Here, we selected the best 2016 Nike football Products and the most noteworthy event, Black History Month (Black History Month) – beginning of the year, Nike has launched a series of black history month. Here we chose Magista Obra as a representative, this high-top football boots from start to finish are full of cultural atmosphere. Anti Clog – At the beginning of the Nike Innovation Summit in New York Nike released Anti-Clog technology, many people are on the sidelines. Knowing that the players have demonstrated the advantages of the technology on the court, people realize that this simple concept brought about by the great changes. This can be regarded as the most innovative inventions this year, it solves the problem since the soccer shoes have spikes after the problem. Nike Camo Pack – In April, Nike’s Camo Pack in four different camouflage style coating subversion of their own design. Limited to launch the series with a strong military appearance of color. In the Premier League, Valdie is the spokesman for the series. But it is difficult to imagine Waldie is the professional soldiers on the court, he is more like the kind of hand-held paper knife to kill the reckless small fry. New York’s Nike Innovation Summit also witnessed the release of a new generation of Superfly. Superfly V is Nike Football’s annual headlines, but also directly brings the success of 2016. From limited to individual design and then to the competition in the classic moment. Champions League final – of course, C Luo himself decided to take the fate of the penalty. Of course, he entered! Even if his poor state, he can score in a critical time, and in the spotlight of his shoes, so that the number of Nike to the number of soft hands, but also shouted C Lo value for money . Put on the latest color Superfly V, into the key goals, won the Champions League trophy. C Lo’s performance as arranged in accordance with Nike as well.