nike huarache grey and green

“Nike Huarache really realized the Nike huarache Vaporfly Elite innovation.” Nike shoes creative vice president Tony Bignell (Tony Bignell) said, “breakthrough new Nike ZoomX midsole and curved carbon plate to provide flexible And minimize the energy loss of the toes from the ground. “In addition to the height of 21 mm front palm, Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite also has a 9 mm gap, designed to minimize damage to Achilles tendon. This is also reflected in the unique “shovel” geometry of the carbon plate, which can also be seen from the midsole signs. In addition to providing sufficient propulsion, the main function of the carbon plate also includes the ability to enhance the bending strength,nike huarache grey and green, designed to improve the efficiency of each of the three athletes running, and minimize the energy loss during the game. “We know that the hardness of the running shoes in the running efficiency has a great advantage.” Global running shoes speed department senior director Brett Si Gu Meste (Bret Schoolmeester) pointed out that “but too much hardness will lead to load from the foot shift To the calf, in the course of running fatigue caused by the gradual increase.For Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite, we developed a very special geometry to alleviate this problem. “G sports research laboratory biomechanics senior researcher Luo Geng (Geng “The purpose of using the carbon plate in the sole is to reduce the energy loss of the runner when bending the toes, which is sufficient to achieve this goal, and because of its special geometry, this process does not Will increase the calf load. “The new Nike ZoomX midsole Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite, its performance system designed to help Kipchoge (Kipchoge), Desisa (Desisa) and Tades (Tedese) later this year Time in Monza, Italy Marathon break the 2-hour mark of the limit challenge. Elite athletes Breaking2 clothing completely remodeled the traditional marathon equipment comfort, fit and weight. First of all, is the use of seamless line knitting technology sports vest, to enhance the key parts of the ventilation performance. This method can also be based on each athlete’s body scan data and personal preferences to achieve complete tailor-made. Tight shorts are also the same – compared to standard shorts, length and tightness levels can be customized. In addition, tight pants also use the Nike Aeroblade texture to help reduce resistance. Sheath can help athletes to withstand low temperatures, while Nike Aeroblade stickers help to reduce the key parts – leg resistance. Finally, the athlete’s socks are designed for use with running shoes, designed to achieve better breathability and provide better bow support.