pink huaraches

In the beginning of nike huarache shoes before the design, Nike legend designer Ding Ke Hartfield to Wang Junkai conducted a comprehensive explanation of his original design Air Max 1 inspired story and Air Max series of innovation. In addition to the groundbreaking Air Max 1, Tingke Hartfield also designed many memorable Nike classic shoes and coveted Jordan signature shoes. Later, Wang Junkai in the senior footwear designer Ben Yun’s support to carry out the design, Ben Yun in the reshaping of Nike’s classic design has a wealth of experience. pink huaraches,Wang Junkai on the material, color, shape preferences and personal stories are designed to provide inspiration. The first experience and participation in shoes design he showed a strong interest in the design process to play a unique creative and imagination. “I am delighted to have this event, and I think that Tinker is the world’s most powerful designer, and I am inspired by the sharing of insights and legendary experiences in the design of the shoes, and Ben’s design of his own Air Max shoes I hope you will like this pair of shoes.The trip to Portland is also an extraordinary experience in my life, bring me a lot of inspiration and power. “Wang Junkai said.
Previously, Wang Junkai also visited the Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL) and the Nike Archives (DNA, Department of Nike Archives). The former can acquire and analyze the athlete’s athletic data for the design and manufacture of more innovative sports products; the latter collection of more than 70,000 pairs of Nike sports shoes, Nike is the source of the design. Nike + Run Club global head coach Chris Bennett (Chris Bennett) invited Wang Junkai and the Rio Olympic 1500 meters running gold medalist Matthew Centrovez together to participate in the NRC running activities, Matthew pursuit of self-breakthrough Wang Junkai is encouraged by the story. Wang Junkai designed Air Max shoes will be added to the Nike youth category Air Max design activities, the activities of Air Max Day is an important part of a series of celebrations. Nike will open up global consumers for their favorite entries. On March 26, Air Max Day, the highest number of shoes will be awarded later by the Nike teenage category.