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People say running all the disease, but very fruit Jun think that these words some exaggeration, but long-term adhere to the running, the body will indeed be better. Now more and more people join the “running family”, although most people are jogging, but no matter how slow to run, will cause their own weight of the knee 3 to 5 times the impact of these shocks mainly by the knee cartilage absorption The So I would like to knee a good point, you have to rely on running shoes to help it share some of the. Before buying a running shoes, first of all to know their running posture, followed by their own weight and exercise intensity to choose the right running shoes. In general,nike huarache nm green, the greater the weight, the higher the exercise intensity, the greater the impact caused. Therefore, the weight, high strength choice of large equipment and shock type running shoes, on the contrary choose light equipment and stable running shoes. There is no pair of good running shoes, you may run and cry. There is a pair of good running shoes, you may run will cry. However, the former is tired because the latter is comfortable because of the latter. But to buy shoes this thing, very fruit Jun think or to identify the brand, in the field of professional running shoes, Asics can be said to be absolutely No. 1, its top support running shoes Kayano since 1993 was born, has developed to the 21st generation , A single running shoes can do so on the Asi. Asics now see the home of the technology is GEL cushioning plastic, with superior shock-absorbing effect, running time can bring the best safety of the legs. Wave has a lot of summary categories, but will be different types of Wave together in the complete body, is a “full palm unlimited Wave” new flagship PROPHECY 4, it uses honeycomb eco-technology, all INFINITY WAVE exclusive shock technology, And the endurance are carried out on a comprehensive optimization. Fit the parcel of the upper structure AIRmesh breathable breathing upper, can be timely exhaust hot moisture, even if the long-distance running can also experience the light of comfort. New Balance is the most well-known sports brand in the last two years. It is almost a household name, and it has become a brand of successful entrepreneurs and political leaders, and is known as “President’s running shoes” in the United States and many countries.
Now New Balance running shoes flagship is this 1080V4, and only 292g, often by the players who dubbed “like not wearing the same.” Unique ABZORB patented shock-absorbing material to enhance the safety of shock absorption, can absorb more than 99% of the ground reaction force, to avoid the spine, knee, ankle and other improper ground reaction force squeeze, like the waist is good, buy it like Slightly “Transcend beyond the series” for the BROOKS Brooks top support running shoes, BROOKS is also a hundred years flagship model, completely subvert the traditional definition of comfort. Transcend beyond each element of the series are based on biomechanical design, shoe design both comfort, flexibility and protection. And use the first guide Rails guide track system, so that every step can be on the right track, more efficient and effort, and into a propulsion.