nike huarache black high top

With Adi’s Boost outstretched in the running world, as a sports equipment, a brother of the Nike is also the end of 2016 launched the “Breaking2” plan, hoping to break in the field of running, the plan in addition to the Nike The development of training programs, but also for Nike’s upcoming Nike Zoom VaporFly 4% paved the way. In the recent Boston Marathon, Nike Zoom VaporFly 4% is swept the first three men and women first, third. Compared with Nike’s fastest marathon running shoes, this pair of new revolutionary shoes can run the runner to improve the efficiency of more than 4%, nike huarache black high top,hence the name, Nike Zoom VaporFly 4% is the new Zoom Vaporfly Elite three derivative shoes , The new Zoom Vaporfly Elite introduced the “more and better” design, for each part of the individual functions to carry out subversive design, to avoid the function Of the overlap, but also with a new way to the past few decades of professional running shoes material re-integration. Newly designed foam, cushioning is more light, soft, and resilient more outstanding, in the end also built a like a spoon-like one-way carbon plate, reducing the energy loss during the running process. Flymesh uppers with mid-range dynamic strap to provide zero interference package, no sense of restraint, but also feet free. While the embedded full-length carbon plate can reduce the runner in the bending of the toes when the energy loss, while avoiding the increase in calf load, by the ZoomX in the end for each step to provide buffer and rebound.

From the appearance point of view, this is really running shoes of the “high-heeled queen”, as if the pad of a layer of sports-type increase insole. Starting color inspiration blue gray, black, orange, white from the Italian Monza car racing speed and elegance. Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% will be on June 8 in and designated retail sales, the specific price is unknown, but according to Nike’s positioning of this shoe, there are marathon champion shoes crown blessing, should not be cheap.