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It is worth mentioning that, in the focus of Nike’s focus on business areas and cities, Greater China not only become a separate region, but also mentioned in the 12 major cities, Beijing and Shanghai occupy two seats, China in addition to the United States Outside the only two cities into the country. nike huarache nm all white,For the Greater China region is related to layoffs and other issues, Nike China declined the “China Economic Weekly” reporter’s interview request, just called “the relevant decision has just released, the current information can be shared please refer to the Nike Group website published press release.” However, an unquestionable fact is that the Greater China region is facing an embarrassing situation of slowing growth. Despite the overall revenue growth, but in the Chinese market, the second quarter of fiscal 2010, Nike revenue growth rate (according to the fixed exchange rate) is only 15%. In fact, Nike’s revenue growth in China has been slowing down for six consecutive quarters, the first two quarters of revenue growth rates were 21% and 17%. In the four quarters of fiscal year 2016, Nike’s revenue growth in Greater China was 30%, 28%, 27% and 23% respectively. Research experts NPD Group sports industry analyst Matt Powell said: “Now the trend of fashion from basketball shoes to retro equipment, Nike has not kept up with this trend of change.Now young consumers are more concerned about the appearance of fashion, right The practical performance of sports shoes is not too concerned about the Nike problem is not to keep up with the latest fashion trends, in the competition lost to the fashionable bright tide card. “Nike lost share who was stolen it? One of them is the old rival Adidas. Adidas in the first quarter of 2017 earnings and Nike released in March this year, the third quarter of 2017 report will be compared after the discovery of Nike, although revenue is still ahead of Adi, but Adi increased 19%, much higher than Nike almost the same period Of the 5% growth rate. In January 2015, Nike’s Jordan Brand once occupied the shoes resale market 96% share, Adidas even 1% can not be divided, and now Adidas has occupied the shoe resale market share of 45%, its share Yeezy, Adidas Originals Stan Smith series become the new darling of young consumers.
Nike is also facing the Under Armor, New Balance as the representative of the emerging forces.