nike huarache grey and green

Nike Huarache brand into China has 20 years, the end of June 2017, Nike Group 2017 fiscal year earnings show that the Group’s total fiscal revenue of 34.4 billion US dollars, while Nike Huarache brand revenue reached 3.099 billion US dollars. Nike for Nike Huarache’s plan is expected in 2020 turnover can reach 4.5 billion US dollars. Nike as a successful brand of shoes, although it has been created for 32 years, but the fans of Nike Huarache shoes fanaticism did not fade in the slightest signs. July 15, Nike Huarache opened in Beijing, the latest brand flagship store, known as the largest in Asia. nike huarache grey and green,Prior to this, Asia’s largest store should be Chengdu IFS Plaza Nike Huarache 1 HONGXING, but with Nike Huarache and the continuous integration of Chinese sports, in the store to build more and more bright spots. Jadean brand president Larry Miller said, “As the capital of China, Beijing has its own unique basketball and shoes culture, can be said that Nike Huarache brand in China’s excellent representative in this city, we create a tribute to the consumer tribute past Nike Huarache 9 GUANGHUA shop is located in the Beijing World Trade Day order, the name is still Nike Huarache + store where the address, “Nike Huarache 9 GUANGHUA” named “Guanghua Road on the 9th”. Stores in the cultural atmosphere and service experience have a new upgrade. This store is not just selling Nike Huarache shoes, which contains training, combat, sports life and other brands across the board products; In addition, located on the first floor of the shop “FLIGHT LAB (flying experience space)” simulation of the actual scene of basketball, so consumption You can directly experience the performance of the product in the store. Jayson Atienza is the winner of the Nike Huarache FLIGHT CLUB service site, Nike Huarache members can try the shoes, participate in the elite Challenge and other events, the artist Jayson Atienza to “win by me” and “flying in Beijing” as the inspiration , In the Nike Huarache 9 GUANGHUA shop to create a striking design: Michael Nike Huarache’s fingerprint oil painting, “flying in Beijing” design (flying image in Beijing Wuhuan pattern), “23”, the classic version of AJ11 logo decoration and many more.