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Angelababy recently in Shanghai after the end of the work, with his son back to Beijing with a small sponge, and they take a group of aircraft users said, Baby himself is very thin, to take care of the child is also very careful, and has 9 months large sponge Personality is good, not afraid of life, see who will laugh,cheap huaraches 2018, so that users can not help but praise “Huang Xiaoming too happy!” Angelababy in life is a happy wife mother, under the spotlight she is full of gas field, regardless of which Occasions can easily highlight the fashionable Queen’s strong charm. As the trend of leisure brand adidas Originals image of the Greater China region spokesperson, Angelababy in this exposure of the October new posters, in a distinctive simple style clothing and a pair of pure white Superstar women’s casual shoes combination appearance, easy to put casual wind The fashion sense of free and easy interpretation of the interpretation. It is reported that Angelabab at the foot of the Superstar women’s casual shoes for adidas Originals shell headboard shoes, this time it respected the classic design, but also added some simple fashion elements, it shines. For example, the upper with full grain leather, make people feel soft and comfortable; shoes on both sides of the use of metal synthetic leather three stripe and heel label, the details of the eye-catching; and tongue tongue adidas originals classic logo Pattern, identification is very strong; the same time, rubber shell head, herringbone lines and rubber all-inclusive design, showing its eye-catching style, full of texture. Classic from immortal. Indeed, no matter how the trend of change, there are always several classic single product status can not shake. And this time by Angelababy and many other fashion pioneer interpretation of the new Superstar women’s casual shoes, and never because of the trend to make changes, because it itself is not beyond the immortal!