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We can carefully observe the shoes on the soles of their own certainly have a few protruding dots, although the point is small but around the midsole will find a circle, what are these points, why do There are these points, because the midsole is to be burned in the mold to the type, the EVA is liquid before burning, so we must first these liquid EVA into the mold, in order to burn in the mold type ,cheap huaraches 2018,The method of introducing these liquid EVA into the mold is to introduce the liquid into the mold through a fine one-in-one introduction tube. The smaller the small protrusion left on the midsole of the catheter, the smaller the developer Definitely hope that the smaller the smaller the better, in order to not affect the beauty of the shoes midsole, but this is not to make it small it can be small, which requires the level of the factory to be quite high job, fake shoes Factories generally do not reach this level, so fake shoes PHYLON midsole on the protruding dots, it must be more than true shoes PHYLON in the bottom of the bulge point to be obvious. : NIKE and other big names on the car line requirements are quite strict, the provisions of each pin The length should be average, and can not appear jumper, fake shoes work requirements can not reach such a strict level, is the process of shoe molding in the end, the shoes are the first car after all In the last last to paste the bottom, so paste the bottom is also the last step in the shoe molding, due to the big processing, factory workers at the end of the level of workers and factory level are high, so paste the shoes are more complete neat , Glue will not climb to a lot of shoes, people looked very comfortable, if there is a soles sticking is not smooth, or a large area of ​​glue to climb up this situation, the big is usually not qualified inspection , Will generally put on B products, sold to their employees, and fake shoes, because it is not done their own brand, so at the end what stickers will be sold out, there is the color of the shoes, fake shoes Often there will be a color of the situation, because the fake shoes developers to go to different places to fit the shoes to look for the material, and then dyed, will certainly cause the difference between the number and color of real shoes, so look at the color It is also a good way to distinguish between true and false.