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In fact, China’s consumers are also some extent to guide the world, the Chinese consumer demand for the brand is also increasing. The future of the sports industry, there will be able to meet the needs of consumers to achieve the company. It can be said that the current risk is unprecedented high, but Nike also as much as possible to meet these needs. We meet the demand in three ways. First we offer innovative products. In Nike, product innovation is huarache pink aloha, In all the sports industry, we will strive to meet the needs of the industry athletes, providing innovative products, and this innovative products can achieve the potential to play the athletes. In addition, we also continue to motivate athletes, athletes to encourage consumers, so that we can continue to attract China’s 1.4 billion athletes to join the sports industry, we do this in different ways. We have established contact with Chinese athletes, and we have invited the athletes with global influence to come to China.
The third pillar point is to ignite potential. In 2016, we also announced that we would work with the Chinese Ministry of Education to change the physical education in Chinese schools. And to promote such a promotion to all schools. This will allow more than 2 million Chinese children, and actively participate in the sports industry. And Nike will also train more than 7,000 sports teachers, which can give more than 300 schools to bring better physical exercise, which is from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou began activities. The so-called potential is to constantly challenge themselves, continue to inspire China’s 1.4 billion athletes. We also ignite potential in different ways. We invite consumers, users come to a lot of competition venues, such as Shanghai to participate in the marathon, which is to help you to achieve better performance. Innovation, encouragement and encouragement, which is our commitment to China’s 1.4 billion athletes. Finally, I would like to share with you Mandela’s words, he said so. He said that sports are the power to change the world, this force can be inspiring, this power is able to unite the people. Because we know that a little bit of power can also change the world, sports to young people understand the way to connect young people, and sports will bring hope to eliminate despair.China’s future sports industry is full of hope. We see the Chinese sports industry is extremely enthusiastic, commitment and potential. We believe that now is the time to change.

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Some analysts have pointed out that the challenging retail environment has brought bring the store to close the door and the shelf-resistant space to reduce the consequences. Old sales model led to Nike rest on its laurels, some out of date. And compared to this, Adidas seems to have embarked on a fast track of sports: learn Zara and H & M and other fast fashion brand, the explosion of the production line from Asia moved to Germany and the United States. Adi said that in 2020, “fast production” to bring the sales will account for 50% of the total. In addition,cheap huaraches beige, Adidas also as early as 2016 to open the “speed factory” program, so that the production of a comprehensive computerized, digital, intelligent, to avoid the burden of excess capacity to the enterprise, such as the need to cut prices through the season High inventory of product inventory. The future of Nike may be reversed?Adidas and other brands to catch up with the speed of the fact that Nike has imposed no small pressure. In order to remain competitive, Nike finally “put down the shelf” to make a counterattack. In addition to taking and Adidas more and more similar to the star marketing strategy, take the fashion line, Nike also launched a new Lunarlon, Nike React and other new materials technology, and make adjustments to the enterprise structure, such as the layoffs and so on. Not long ago, Nike also pointed out the core markets of key development, including New York, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Barcelona, ​​Seoul and Milan, all over the four regions of the ten countries. Bella Hadid became Nike’s new spokespersonIn addition, Nike is also prepared to streamline the product line is expected to reduce the 25% of the shoes, will focus on ZoomX, Air VaporMax and NikeReact several series. And Nike also plans to product production cycle from 18 months to 4 months, is expected to save at least 10% of the cost.In addition, it is easy to see that Nike should hold the determination of the overlord is very firm.But the siege easy, defenders difficult, the market is changing, rival embattled, Nike’s status will be firmly in jail? We will wait and see …