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For many athletes, this special design can provide a seamless and comfortable experience, and this is not the characteristics of other brands do not have. Since Nike Flyknit Racer debuted in 2012, this sports shoes have been seen as a technological breakthrough. It is produced through a special knitting machine, using less labor than most other sports shoes, with less material. Now that technology has become the basis for a more “radical” manufacturing technology test, it is even possible to subvert the entire sport and leisure apparel industry as a means of accelerating the trend of globalization. Beginning in 2015, Nike began working with Flex, a high-tech OEM for Fitbit and Lenovo, nike huarache all green,hoping to use more automation elements in the production of sports-intensive products such as sports shoes. The Flex factory in Mexico has become one of the most important Nike factories in the world, and the plant is not only responsible for product production, but also for Nike’s series of innovations, such as laser cutting and automatic bonding technology.
For Nike, more in-depth degree of automation means two great attraction, further downsizing costs, can significantly increase profit margins. But also allows the company more flexible, more rapid response to fashion design changes, faster to provide new design style. Such as the use of Flyknit technology Roshe sneakers, priced at $ 75, and the use of Flyknit technology sports shoes, the price can be increased to 130 dollars. “Now we are modernizing the footwear industry, which is a long-term need to consume billions of dollars of the plan, rather than just a few years or even decades of impact can be measured on the results.” Nike chief Finance officer Chris Collier said. Through the cooperation with Flex, will also bring a wider impact. Over the past 20 years, Nike has been one of the representatives of the production mission outsourced to developing country factories, but has also been accused of using child labor or abuse of labor. But now, many of these developing countries are beginning to worry that robotic technology will deprive themselves of their jobs. If Nike is trying to achieve a greater degree of automation, then it will let himself into another vortex of controversy. Nike said that the growing sales allow yourself to keep the number of existing employees at the same time, using more automation technology. Nike is currently one of the world’s largest multinational companies, only footwear products in 15 countries have hired more than 493,000 workers for production. And Nike’s all product types in the production process, has covered 42 countries more than 1.02 million workers. Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business Operations Professor Sridhar Tayur said that Nike’s use of automation technology will determine the entire industry development process.
“Unless you choose Africa or elsewhere, the cost of labor in Asia is no longer as low as it used to be, and for a long time, Nike will be under great pressure to either move the plant to lower labor costs or choose Using more automation elements, “he said. 2017 fiscal year Nike sales of 34.4 billion US dollars, and want to complete the target of 50 billion sales in 2020, Nike also need to continue efforts. This is the company’s CEO Mark Parker set goals in 2015, although the company’s business is growing, but still have to face from Germany Adidas company’s fierce competition.

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In fact, China’s consumers are also some extent to guide the world, the Chinese consumer demand for the brand is also increasing. The future of the sports industry, there will be able to meet the needs of consumers to achieve the company. It can be said that the current risk is unprecedented high, but Nike also as much as possible to meet these needs. We meet the demand in three ways. First we offer innovative products. In Nike, product innovation is huarache pink aloha, In all the sports industry, we will strive to meet the needs of the industry athletes, providing innovative products, and this innovative products can achieve the potential to play the athletes. In addition, we also continue to motivate athletes, athletes to encourage consumers, so that we can continue to attract China’s 1.4 billion athletes to join the sports industry, we do this in different ways. We have established contact with Chinese athletes, and we have invited the athletes with global influence to come to China.
The third pillar point is to ignite potential. In 2016, we also announced that we would work with the Chinese Ministry of Education to change the physical education in Chinese schools. And to promote such a promotion to all schools. This will allow more than 2 million Chinese children, and actively participate in the sports industry. And Nike will also train more than 7,000 sports teachers, which can give more than 300 schools to bring better physical exercise, which is from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou began activities. The so-called potential is to constantly challenge themselves, continue to inspire China’s 1.4 billion athletes. We also ignite potential in different ways. We invite consumers, users come to a lot of competition venues, such as Shanghai to participate in the marathon, which is to help you to achieve better performance. Innovation, encouragement and encouragement, which is our commitment to China’s 1.4 billion athletes. Finally, I would like to share with you Mandela’s words, he said so. He said that sports are the power to change the world, this force can be inspiring, this power is able to unite the people. Because we know that a little bit of power can also change the world, sports to young people understand the way to connect young people, and sports will bring hope to eliminate despair.China’s future sports industry is full of hope. We see the Chinese sports industry is extremely enthusiastic, commitment and potential. We believe that now is the time to change.