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Nike huarache in the lace mode of innovation, has a fine tradition, such as the classic Disc. And recently, PUMA has launched a new lace system NETFIT, the unique fishing nets to create a flexible lace way. (Do not know whether the inspiration from the female fishing stockings?) At present, PUMA China’s official website has been using this system of SPEED IGNITE NETFIT running shoes (male / female models),nike huaraches in womens, priced at 929/939 yuan. SPEED IGNITE NETFIT using one-piece knitted fabric as the main body, the side of the hot fit material outline the runway Logo. The outside of the upper is the new NETFIT nets system, and by high-strength fabric weaving molding, each mesh can be used as a shoe hole. Which can be based on foot and movement needs, to create a different package, different personality lace way. NETFIT mesh around the artificial leather material to strengthen the treatment to ensure durability. In addition, followed by the TPU hollow cup holder can enhance the stability of the palm. In the end with double-layer IGNITE foam, combined with the forefoot of the propulsion area, in order to obtain excellent cushioning and rapid rebound effect. NETFIT lace system is not only used in running shoes, but also used in a variety of soccer shoes, training shoes, casual shoes and so on. PUMA’s sprinter, Bolt, is pleased with the NETFIT system, which means that NETFIT can flexibly adapt to different types of training and be able to play its own ideas and customize the binding. See here, you are not heart it?

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In the world famous fashion group Kering after the acquisition, Nike in the sports market performance is always unsatisfactory, but 2015 may be a crucial turning point after the 2014 World Cup Nike launched a new brand concept Forver Fast , And the corresponding launch of a series of subversive products, and brand growth rate also unexpectedly reached 2.8%, which seems to Nike back to regain the glory of the past with the power of confidence. In the running hot swept the world now, Nike has brought a refreshing running shoes Nike IGNITE, that this running shoes can let Nike in today’s rapid growth of running goods market occupies a piece of their own world it? Emmanuel, unique design of the future is the Nike running shoes left us the most profound impression, and this time the new veteran sports manufacturers IGNITE running shoes there are some return to the origin of the idea. Clear lines of the upper, matching the appearance of simple but full of meaning in the end, no longer give people the feeling of tedious, coupled with the dynamic color, the German unique rigorous and simple design of the United States in the IGNITE was the most vividly The The only thing that gives us some doubts is the weight of IGNITE. The minimal appearance does not seem to give IGNITE a much heavier weight loss effect. This is somewhat similar to the new Ultra Boost, another German brand adidas running shoes, Both even in the weight are almost the same, it is quite deep, not accidentally using a single layer of breathable mesh with synthetic leather hot one of the upper. Compared to the traditional running shoes stitching design, one of the increasingly simple design of the upper reaches of the mainstream running shoes. But the whole of the upper molding technology for the upper material in the comfort and support of a higher demand.
Perhaps in order to better reflect the support of the upper, IGNITE in the area of ​​the upper pressure on the shoe compared to the current number of mainstream shoes running a larger coverage, followed by may bring comfort and breathability On the question. IGNITE tongue with a more fit minimalist design, from the structure and Nike’s classic Flyknit Racer is very similar, but Flyknit because there is a fly line fixed ace technology so be able to do tongue and feet full paste But IGNITE only rely on the upper of the parcel and the use of such a minimalist tongue design is appropriate, we have to give the answer.