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Running is a lot of sports fans like a sport, but there are a lot of people did not pay attention to running posture, stride frequency and strength concept, making it difficult to achieve the desired effect of exercise, some even thus sprained ankle or strained ligaments. When the results of a study in Frankfurt, Germany Optical Micro Systems Research Institute (Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems, Acronym IPMS) recently released is expected to improve this situation, they have developed smart running shoes are built Runsafer sensor, capable of performing an athletic runners the recording of data in real time, and then based on the analysis put forward specific recommendations for improvement for the runners, so that in the same time improving the quality of the running, will minimize the likelihood of sports injury. “Normal pulse watches and chest straps and other devices will record heart rate and breathing more important and obvious signs data, and it is possible to RunSafer runners for the entire monitor and provide medical evaluation,” IPMS scientists Andreas Dr. Heiniger (Dr Andreas Heinig) said, “it can be real-time feedback to the incorrect position of the foot runners, asymmetric load, exhaustion and excessive movement or warning, etc., so runners can readily understand their own physical condition. “It is understood that this smart shoes built-in wireless RF module, accelerometer, GPS module and battery, the entire system can record the body’s biological signals, and then sends the data via Bluetooth to a smartphone runners, phone corresponding application data analysis will be real-time feedback to the runners, running to improve quality, “the application will remind runners to slow down, or when necessary, suggest that they stop to rest,” said Dr. Heinig. Moreover, the data collection system will also be uploaded to the site in-depth assessment, to help users based on their physical condition and objectives of the training plan is updated.
According to reports, researchers, handling and charging this intelligent systems are very easy to run, and now they have completed a prototype smart running shoes and mobile application development, but they also need to further reduce the number of sensors, and let the weight of running shoes to meet waterproof and durability and other requirements, the expected product will be on sale in 2015. 3D printing allows the production of the Nike design team to more frequently adjust and improve the product. To make Vapor Laser Talon sole light to the extreme in order to run faster, designers need for strong between the light and find the critical point. They repeatedly tried to let the players shoes, if the sole is too thick,nike huaraches blue, thin it will try its system until the athlete to be worn thin, Stepping back even be made thicker, several tests to find both light and can support enough best quality athlete power. Eventually, a Vapor Laser Talon shoe weighs only 5.6 ounces (158.7 grams), the equivalent of 3 eggs weight, and it’s all done in seven months. Bignell think, when you need to try to do hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes to be satisfied when, 3D printing is necessary. “This technique was perfect, it was soon to make any new ideas to test athletes.” Bignell said. Nike print material formulation work began five years ago, a group of materials scientists who will come together to study how to mix a variety of materials, deployment together. Shoe material itself has a lot of stress, “Vapor Laser Talon” soles nylon-based material, and mixed to durability, toughness, lightweight formula, multiple chemical experiments. Nike Plans on 3D printing has been tried and tested, Bignell frankly, in the comfort, breathability and sweat of the direction of the material, designers also need to constantly test. Whenever made progress how to celebrate? “We’ll have a beer, relax, and then immediately start the next job, the job is not over yet.” Bignell told reporters.Now, wearing Nike “Vapor Laser Talon” rookie who achieved good results. According to figures disclosed by Nike, the top 10 this year, 40-yard dash in the NFL, there are seven people wear their new products.

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Not long ago, Indiana Lucas Oil Stadium (Lucas Oil Stadium) organizes the annual NFL rookie training camp (NFL Scouting Combine) over .300 in the major universities top football players here 20 yards shuttle, jump jump and other tests, the leader will have the opportunity to participate in the NFL draft, which is expected to enter the United States football League career, has become the focus of much attention. Training camp by NFL coaches of both teams, managers, scouts and keen sense of smell close attention, they do not want to miss every possible future star to become good seedling. Nike scene experts stare at his shoes 25 players. This is called “Vapor Laser Talon” shoes, craft unique, traditional shoe Nike abandon the process, the use of 3D printing manufacturing, because it is possible to break out in a short time, to create a help athletes in the grass on the field. ” fly “up shoes.Almost all athletes are concerned about the foot of the shoes, it means lighter, more to the force. This Tony Bignell (Tony Bignell) fully understood, he was vice president (Nike) Nike footwear innovation, 17 years ago is a footwear designer. “Let the athletes run faster” is Bignell team is working hard to do. Nike designers for this frequent contact with athletes, expert advice and athletics coach,, also Nike laboratory support. Michael Johnson (Michael Johnson) has swept the same Olympic Games men’s 200 meters and 400-meter race gold medals, one of Nike’s advice coach, he told Bignell asked: “Hey, you can make a pair of runs in the grass shoes, track shoes as fast as it do? “” he’s a big shot, but track and field. “Bignell told reporters, when Johnson made this suggestion, from rookie training camp just 7 months.In the usual shoe program designer must first listen to the needs of athletes, then design programs, etc. produced after test try to give athletes, if not achieve the desired effect, it means that all processes again. This process often makes people exhausted, Bignell said to produce a design concept entirely consistent with shoes, you may want to try on hundreds of times. “Design, modeling, do shoes, it takes a long time to go, but we have too little time.” Bignell recalls. Nike has thought of 3D printing technology in model design, and product design and development stage designer help speed a lot, Bignell said: “! OK, we try to make shoes with new technology it.”In the NFL rookie training camp and 40-yard dash is observed rookie scout explosive manner. For 40-yard dash, the start of the most critical first three steps. Shoes not only to generate grip push forward the athletes must also be just right to force. If the grip is too large, excessive friction will reduce the starting rate; the grip is too small, it may slip soles. Nike can bring a key factor in the proper place on the strength of the outsole of the shoe. High-speed camera, the Nike athlete running action decomposition observed traction, grip and a lot of analysis soles, looking relationship between performance and the sole, until the athletes said:. “Ah, this really makes me run faster.” the balance between friction and may fall found.