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Business Insider, the business media, reported recently that nike CFO Harm Ohlmeyer mentioned in a meeting with financial investment firm UBS that the brand is trying to speed up the expansion of retail outlets in North America but did not say exactly Expansion plan. “nike’s focus on the North American market is firmly focused on expanding the size of its marketing channels to drive profitability,” said Fred Speirs,cheap huaraches 2018, a UBS analyst. November 9, the German brand has just released third quarter fiscal 2017 earnings, global sales increased 12% to 5.677 billion euros. In addition to Greater China once again become its fastest growing region in the world outside, the weak consumer sports market in North America, nike harvest 23% year-on-year sales growth. Among them, nike main brand in the North American market increased by up to 31%. In contrast, Nike’s latest earnings release late in September showed that North American sales, the largest source of revenue, dropped 3%, dragging down Nike’s overall performance to hit the slowest quarter-to-quarter increase in nearly seven years. Under Armor’s biggest problem also occurs in North America, third-quarter sales fell 12%. Visible, nike quarter growth is considerable. As the largest market to occupy one-third of the world’s share of the North American region is almost a giants brand contested territory. “To become the No. 1 player in the world, we must win the No. 1 market in North America,” said Marc King, president of North American nike in an interview in April this year. Satisfying it, data released by the NPD show that the German brand’s market share in North America has risen from 5% two years ago to 11.3% today. Despite the outstanding performance of nike in this important market in the first three quarters of this year, the brand remains cautious. “We think there is still a long way to go and far from achieving what we want in the U.S. market, and as such we continue to invest heavily,” said Rothschild, chief executive of nike, in the third fiscal quarter Said when released
Addition to Rothschild’s investment plus, nike earlier announced an additional 700 million to 800 million euros by 2020 for marketing marketing – in August this year, the German brand has just signed an agreement with the United States Major League Soccer, the two sides will Long-term cooperation extends to 2024. It now appears that, in addition to marketing activities, nike also plans at the sales level, that is, increase the layout of retail channels. Without further ado, the brand will continue to expand its self-operated stores and strengthen its cooperation with retailers. In the words of chief financial officer Harm Ohlmeyer, they want more and more products to appear on the shelves in the North American market. As for the specific nike how, they did not disclose. It is noteworthy that, nike also in the North American electricity supplier channels. Recently, the German brand launched its first mobile application, the software named “nike” equipped with complete shopping features, the first batch of countries on the line for the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, the new app has a personalization feature – users can receive their own unique stream of product information as they enter personal information, and product recommendations become more targeted as purchases and browsing history increase.

cheap huaraches 2018

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