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In recent years, with the rise of intelligent devices, traditional industries have begun to transform their own products into more Internet elements. Altra Running, a well-known fitness equipment company from Salt Lake City, has launched a new Altra IQ running shoe with a built-in rich sensor system to accurately collect user’s running information. And then through the iFit application analysis of these collected data, and modify the user’s running posture and recommend the appropriate fitness content. Wearing sports when there will not be the slightest feeling. These sensors will always monitor the three most important running posture data: cheap nike huarache run,feet touch the ground range, cadence and contact with the ground impact, through the Bluetooth connection in the Android or iOS devices to watch their running real-time situation, according to Audio or video feedback recommendations, so as to correct running posture.
As early as March of this year, Nike has announced that Apple will be eco-chain enterprises, apple wristbands Huami Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic agreement to work together to create a new generation of intelligent running shoes, and will explore the big data health areas, so Nike Announced to enter the field of intelligent sports. Time flies, a moment 4 months later, recently, quiet for a long time of rice science and technology and Nike “smart running shoes” project also has the following. July 10, Nike official microblogging officially started the countdown to this new product, and said, “March commitment to all of us will finally be honored, so that a new product in the upcoming function of what you have on him In the follow-up notice, Nike has spoiled a lot about this new features: better protection, more light and more color, but the specific parameters and performance, or to officially announced the official As a standard. It is noteworthy that, Nike I have been exposed in the microblogging in this new packaging diagram, the size of the picture in the packaging point of view, this new product does not seem like intelligent running shoes, but will be some other smart stuff (not Less User guess is smart insoles or Apple and Nike’s intelligent sports platform).