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nike air huarache triple black on feet

Olympics Nike’s main significance is to spread heat (atmosphere) and the stadium is exposed (the official supplier status). The first three Olympic Games as an official sponsor Adidas has exclusive rights in the sponsorship of Nike can not show his face on the list can be understood, but neither this year nor Adidas Under Armour, Nike or not competition sponsor’s name, showing its Olympics the official marketing rights and interests are not interested. After TOP Jun is a comprehensive analysis of the Nike online dissemination of content, strategies and channels, they would understand in the sports marketing industry for decades fought it out with the ability to completely readme Olympic Games, and has always been the spread of sovereign control TV Games also it is no longer the key channels of transmission. nike air huarache triple black on feet,What is out of the Olympic Games readme? Let’s look at the main Nike Rio Olympics commercials “Unlimited You” (you do not believe limit): This is Nike’s Olympic gold in the eve of the release of the main advertising films, commercials so much the master, as it is in Nike about Olympic advertising piece collection, because Nike where many characters and pictures are additionally produced a longer version of the independent advertising. The amount of playing a single YouTube advertising platform exceeded 36 million, the number of thumbs up over 60,000. Ads with “Unlimited” as the theme, divided into two parts before and after, as a split screen in the following point, the first half, acting as God’s prophetic narration ( “Star Wars: The Force awakening” in the Resistance ace, BB-8 dub master Oscar Isaac) just kidding, the purpose is to encourage the love of sports enthusiasts who adhere to exercise, regular ads look like support to “just do it” as the theme, with the “just do it” appears on the screen, the advertising photography is supposed to be over, but the gymnast has kicked in just do it the tag, after the style of narration monarch began far more control, sports fans (including professional athletes and ordinary people) far does not satisfy on Jun narration expectations, constantly challenge the limits, with Isaac’s words Everybody is going away too far.
So Nike Rio Olympics dissemination theme is “Beyond Just do it, Challenge Unlimited”, this addition to the above main advertising films, from June 7 to yesterday closing of the Olympic Games, Nike released a total of 23 Unlimited themed ad (according to Jun TOP incomplete). During the Olympics, even based on the speed of an average of two days post new ads on social networking sites, ad clicks are a million each level, there are still a few pieces of the level of tens of millions, properly properly bomber video marketing.
Professional athletes have American gymnast Gabby Douglas, and Simone Biles, Marion successors Allyson Felix, decathlon world record holder Ashton Eaton, professional tennis player Serena Williams, United States Women’s striker Alex Morgan, and Jamaican female sprinter champion Shelly- ann Fraser-Pryce, Somalia, long-distance runner Mo Farah and British professional golfer Rory McIlroy, etc., each athlete an ad. Advertising shooting style similar autobiographical narrator athletes readme and relatives he said two types, mainly on athletes talent and sweat. TOP-jun production level is not subjective evaluation, you look at where a feeling:
Common sports enthusiasts class, in order to interpret Unlimited, Nike hired the highly motivating several “ordinary people”, which became a breakthrough gender restrictions Chris Mosier first US national team athletes degeneration; breakthrough Age limit 86 elderly still insist morning run, mountain biking and triathlon nuns Madonna Buder; there is a breakthrough physical handicap limit, without limbs still climb mountains of Kyle Maynard Collins, this is the most shocking TOP Jun three ads.