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nike huarache escape

For nike huarache series can successfully transition from soccer shoes to street shoes, what do you think? “This shows that fashion and innovation for our importance. In fact, so successful transition itself, it shows that we have created Mercurial from an aesthetic point of view has its own unique .Mercurial addition to fit, feel, grip the outer , also has a fashion element. I think its aesthetic charm is Mercurial can easily transition from the stadium to the street reason. for me, this is a successful transition for our design work will certainly .C Luo such as large Luo general, after his retirement continued to Mercurial series of design inspiration and advice? “I believe, or I hope so. I think C Lo is already enduring legend, his influence across the golf course and the fashion industry. I believe that even if the 2022 or 2030, C Luo also continue to be a source of inspiration for one of the new Mercurial series. “When will you start looking for the next Mercurial legend?” I think C Lo short-lived fad will stand in court, he still has a few years can be a hero, he is still fast, still strong. As a brand, we are very fortunate to have such a superstar endorsement of our products. So, look at it, when everything is ripe, we will naturally find new term Mr. Mercurial. “