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Nike Anti-Clog Traction technology can effectively prevent soil clogging Nike football shoe soles. The technology research and development up to two years, in the process we have learned from the Nike design team, materials research and development team and the team’s views. Dr. Dr. Jeremy Walker is involved in several research and development in one, he is a materials science and chemical engineering expert. “The reason why this problem has troubled generations of athletes is indeed justified,” Walker said, “It is extremely difficult to solve, but that’s the challenge we have to deal with.” Nike Anti-Clog Traction sole comprises one having adaptive polymers, water can become docile. At first, Walker and his team tried to take mechanics and water solutions, but these methods can not provide long-term anti-mud functionality for soccer shoes. Their next attempt may seem counterintuitive, but in the end proved to be effective. “We no longer consider the water problem, but start thinking about how to use our strengths to create a smooth and yet grip soles,” Walker continued.”Understanding the molecular structure is the key mud develop hydrophilic solution, which helps prevent mud clogging soles.