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Nike for gay proud of the launch of the rainbow at the end of Vapormax Nike released on the eve of the fourth quarter earnings report, the United States Piper Investment Bank analyst Erinn Murphy expressed concern about the status quo, in addition to rival Adidas erosion, We have not seen Nike’s massive and meaningful innovations that can change the narrative of recent products. “He thinks Vapormax is not the technology that can change the rules of the game. And this anxiety has been prompted CEO Mark Parker to take more radical action, not long ago, Nike announced the global layoffs 2%, streamlining the structure of regional markets, reduce product categories, and the establishment of Adidas and similar “key city” (Key City strategy to build more strong direct channels in 12 cities including Beijing and Shanghai.nike huarache olive, Nike React may be one of the means to enhance the value of the product in the future, and first use in the basketball category, but also help to enhance the future price of new basketball products. Last year, Nike’s basketball shoes because of the decline in competitiveness after a round of price adjustment, resulting in the company’s gross margin continued to fall two consecutive. At the end of the year, Nike brand president Trevor Edwards promised that Nike’s basketball business would resume growth after May 2017. With the Nike React technology Draymond Green with the same, and another pair of the same technology using the Jordan brand new shoes THE JORDAN SUPER.FLY 2017 will be listed on August 3 global – whether they will become a new topic of Nike, yet to be Market witness. Nike, of course, also know the importance of supply chain reaction speed over the past five years, Nike in the supply chain and the development of high-tech products invested 2.5 billion US dollars. They use NOVA technology, 3D print shoes prototype, trying to shoe production cycle from 18 months, shortened to 4 months.

From this point of view, perhaps this time layoffs are not all slow growth and cost savings of the move, but part of the strategic adjustment. Nike’s future supply chain automation may no longer need so much manpower, at the same time, the transfer of consumers to the electricity business channel, but also means that the physical store and its staff streamlined.