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nike huarache pink and teal

Nike another marketing tip is accurate bet on sports star and as fans marketing. The sports stars include Carl Lewis, Mike Jordan, Tiger Woods, Ronaldo and so on. In 1985, Nike is much higher than the price of Adidas signed 22-year-old had just entered the NBA to cut a striking figure in Jordan. According to the Chicago Bulls Peugeot design, red and black with the “Air Jordan” shoes come out, immediately by the fans blitz, within two months to buy a $ 2.3 million. Jordan then won six NBA championship and finals MVP, even more critical is that with the NBA to the world and Jordan’s success, Nike’s Jordan shoes developed 23 generations, but also into the basketball fans around the world and Jordan fans at home. Nike Jordan brand has created a total of 2.25 billion US dollars in revenue, a risk at the time it seems the investment won a victory. nike huarache pink and teal,Nike’s growth is a good sample to analyze how the enterprise in the competition to win and maintain the advantage. The winning way for companies to continue to provide consumers with useful, differentiated, innovative value proposition / value. The value proposition is supported by the functional benefit and the emotional benefit. Functional interest refers to the use of products and services to consumers a useful, emotional interests that products and services to meet consumer sentiment, self-expression needs. Value propositions are useful first, and are significantly different from existing brands to attract consumers. On this basis, if the non-stop innovation, the brand becomes a moving target, so that competitors are difficult to target and imitation, so that their advantage as much as possible to extend or even enlarge. First of all, Nike constantly functional product innovation. “A pair of shoes should have three elements: a lightweight, comfortable, durable footwear,” Bowerman said. “From the initial waffle to the airbag heel, to today’s polyester yarn One molding, Nike’s products have been toward a more secure, more durable, more lightweight, more comfortable, more beautiful to innovation. From the original only for athletes running shoes extended to more sports shoes, more categories, more people. Second, Nike cleverly by virtue of products and advertising to meet the emotional needs of consumers and self-expression needs. 70s of last century, Nike keen to seize the opportunity of the rise of the US running culture, to seize the people behind the desire to find perseverance and hard work emotional needs, in the ad for accurate and powerful emotional output, and running shoes as emotion Of the carrier, naturally made a huge sales success. Nike Jordan and other sports stars with accurate bet, the launch of Nike Jordan shoes to help companies out of the trough and great success. Product attributes combined with the essence of star promotion is to meet the needs of consumer self-expression. People are always in many ways to express themselves or the ideal of self, such as the Apple mobile phone is very cool, open Tesla appears to have science and technology range, and wear Jordan shoes to express self and Michael Jordan in some respects similar desire. Nike is undoubtedly a model of innovation, but behind its most valuable innovation is what? Careful readers may think of good at repairing running shoes and love running coach Bowerman and with the same pursuit of Knight. Early Blue Ribbon Sports, in addition to the two founders, as well as Keov Hollister, Steve Roland, are Bowerman’s students, which is a world-class long-distance runners. Such a love of running the team, with Bowerman’s innovation in the dedication and Knight in sales and operations talent, only to Nike into a great company. In other words, Nike’s innovation comes from its innovative organization. Innovative organizations in the culture, structure, personnel have distinctive characteristics, but in my opinion, with the spirit of innovation and even close to the faith of entrepreneurs is the most critical. Only innovative entrepreneurs can capture and seize the opportunity to vigorously promote, and in a variety of options for the organization’s resources in the selection of tend to innovation. Bowerman and Knight is the case.