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According to Nike’s news that the legendary 6 will support custom color choice outsole and printed on the outsole text.拜仁后卫博阿滕 also revealed in the interview that he would own daughter’s name printed on the sole. But Nike has not yet been an official explanation of the project and any other instructions, so we have to wait for the legendary 6 officially on sale. Nike released Liquid Chrome Liquid Metal Series Set color soccer shoes: Nike football today officially released their latest season football shoes suit Liquid Chrome (liquid metal). Its Hypervenom, Magista, and Mercurial have carried out a facelift, This time the protagonist is naturally Tiempo Legend VI legendary debut six new soccer shoes. Nike’s players such as Neymar, Lewandowski, Sanchez, who will foot the new color in this week’s Champions League. These players will be wearing the colors of soccer shoes campaign next game and continues until February next year. “We wanted to create a cool look, making it appear as hard as metal and bright colors,” Nike’s color designer Emma Jobe said, “liquid metal that emits light when wearing such shoes kick ball, will have great visual effects. ” In addition there is an unusual eye-catching exterior, the shoes must also call the metal surface smooth challenges.