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When it comes to the NBA recognized the strongest defender, although there are many candidates, may even cause the fans no small controversy, but – Stephen Curry is definitely one of the strongest defender, 1.91 meters tall with 190-pound body to the NBA that can only be a little too! But Curry still use the pitch proved himself. Later, with the sports brand Under Armour company signed a contract, the contract also allows the brand instantly jumped several grades, even a threat to Adidas, Nike position in the sports market! – Stephen Curry’s father Dell – Curry recently accepted the “ESPN” access, and revealed the 2013 Nike scouts and Stephen – Curry unpleasant endorsement talks. Dell said the Nike team took just met – Stephen Curry’s name mispronounced as Steph-on, no one has actually found, correct me! But also in the endorsement of copy that actually appeared Kevin – Durant. Heart has been the end of him, heard the Nike team was unable to imply – Stephen Curry as players headed Kevin – Durant, Bryant and James conditions, these reasons constitute the reason Nike and Curry missed. Dell – Curry in mid-1986 draft pick by the Utah Jazz with the first one selected 15th overall, won the 1993-94 NBA season, the annual “NBA Sixth, most believe Dell – Curry mind, not what wrong pronunciation or circumstances copy reuse, but the other party never seriously Curry attitude, this is the biggest reason why there is no signed contract! this time I believe to see Curry’s performance on the court, Nike should taste not feel better, huh, huh. Li Ning realized losses in 2015, benefiting from electricity suppliers, as well as new stores operated stores same-store growth driven, the company recorded an annual sales income of 7.09 billion yuan (not including DHS), an increase of 17 % since 2011 to a net increase in the company recorded its first store, the annual net shop 507 to reach 6133 expected 16-year plans to sell 300-500 homes. March 22, Kappa brand parent company also released 2015 China trends annual report, the report shows, after dropping for four consecutive years of revenue performance has finally bottomed out rebound Kappa brand in China revenue grew 25.8% to 1.03 billion yuan. committed to the development of overseas business of Olympic sports in 2015 also received a substantial growth thanks to “Star strategy” successful marketing, as well as the outstanding performance of professional products and international markets in 2015, operating income of 3.11 billion yuan, an increase of 9.4%, net profit of 390 million yuan, up big by 22.3%.
It showed a profit, special steps taken in 2015 to help reform the Group achieved revenue growth of 10.8% to 5.295 billion yuan (4.7776 billion yuan in 2014). Xtep brand rise to higher margin specialty sporting goods demand, gross margin increased by 1.4 percentage points to 42.2% (2014 40.8%). In addition, the 361 degrees performance last year net profit rose 30.2%, the Group’s turnover increased by 14.1% to RMB 4,458.7 million. It is worth mentioning that the income of the 361 children of the continuation of strong momentum, up by 16.0% to RMB 588.9 million, representing 13.2% of the Group’s turnover.
The sports brand recovery thanks to vigorously carry out the National Fitness Program in China, in addition to benefit from the national urbanization accelerated and companies to complete the initial channel control and other factors such as the combined effects of restructuring. Of course, the face of international sports giants Nike and Adidas, you want to really dominate the market, had to depart from the product itself, to create a more qualified audience make the product.