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In 2012, the NBA seven-game winning streak makes the Chinese star Jeremy Lin become a hot sports star. The ball that the battlefield, in the New York Knicks with Lin Shuhao last 0.5 seconds 3-point ball lore the Toronto Raptors the next day, smell the opportunity of the Olympic sporting goods Co., Ltd. will fly to the United States, like a comet-like jump from the Lin Shuhao “To achieve some kind of tacit understanding”. At the same time, in this “forest wind” swept, the domestic sporting goods giant Li Ning, Anta, 361 ° also followed, the “forest” rush. However, they have been a big step forward. As early as August 2010, Nike (China Taiwan) and the company is still sitting on the “cold bench” Lin Shuhao signed a 3-year contract. When Lin Shuhao gorgeous transformed into “forest crazy” before, nike huaraches all green women,Nike has this investment for the year, “ambush” for nearly two years. In fact, in the selection of sports players, Nike has been unique. Compared to the stars have been shining, Nike is more keen on the potential of new people. In addition to Chinese basketball star Jeremy Lin, Nike has also successfully tap Li Na, Liu Xiang, Kobe Bryant, Federer and other sports stars.Although Nike has a set of objective assessment criteria, but to describe its selection criteria, it is very difficult. Nike Greater China Communications Director Huang Xiangyan described this as a “very grass-roots selection.”
Nike sports marketing team is mostly sports background background, retired athletes or coaches, proficient in individual sports, won a variety of championships, can be described as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Nike Sports Marketing in China’s team has more than 30 people, director Li Tong Liu Xiang is the men’s 110 meters before the Asian record holder, but also mining Liu Xiang’s “scout”.
Sports market people rarely stay in the office, they usually go are grassroots line, focusing on tracking Association, Football Association and other sports associations and sports key schools. Very often, they will find some children’s personality is very special. Like looking for the characteristics of Liu Xiang, they found this person is not simple, he is very true, you really will be touched by him.In 1997, only 15 years old Li Na and Nike tied; 5 years later, Li Na retired two years to college, re-“out”, Nike quickly and Li Na continued to lead. In 2011, Li Na in the Australian Open for the first time broke into the four Grand Slam finals and runner-up, Nike sent the commercials, even appeared 16-year-old Li Na with tender voice said: “The biggest dream, Hit the top ten career, I know this road is difficult, but I will work hard. “Li Na in the microblogging emotion:” Let me surprised and moved, where to find me so long ago.Similarly, Liu Xiang as early as 18 years old to participate in the National Games and the World University Games, it caused the Nike China Sports Marketing Director Li Tong’s attention. Li Tong’s recommendation, the Nike headquarters to send someone to Liu Xiang competition, several field visits after the signing. Since then, Liu Xiang, almost every summer will go to the United States Nike headquarters. With the help of the exclusive designer, a variety of measurements to prepare for the production of new running shoes. Nike for Liu Xiang service team, there is a staff member in Liu Xiang each time the game, are accompanied in the side, Liu Xiang, the feeling of equipment, the game all the valuable information occurred in the first time to convey to the the company. In 2004, Nike only spent 300,000 yuan to sign Liu Xiang, when Liu Xiang won the Olympic gold medal in Athens, the endorsement fee rose to tens of millions. Liu Xiang in the 2008 Olympic Games due to injury after retirement, Nike or Liu Xiang signed a 4 million yuan advertising sponsorship contract, and continue to develop their running shoes. Now, Nike once again rely on the return of Liu Xiang, earned a bowl full of pours.
“Any one of the perfect marketing, is not coincidence.” Nike Greater China market director Pan Jianhua said, “We can judge who is the star of tomorrow, before he shines, Nike will explore him, to provide him the best The equipment to help him improve the results, and tailored for him the best marketing service model.