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nike huaraches navy blue

In 1984, Nike to 500,000 US dollars signed Nike huarache, to the “trapeze” signature shoes, and then to the two sides to create Nike huarache brand. Now contributes billions of dollars in revenue each year to the group. Star endorsement has become a classic model of sports marketing. Nike huarache brand influence and sustained vitality, on the one hand from the high sales of shoes and a large number of brands of loyal fans; more inseparable from the appeal of Nike huarache, with the NBA’s global trend, Nike huarache and Nike’s business marriage can be regarded as sports The most successful case in the history of sports. It is understood that the 2014 North American basketball shoes market, cheap huaraches navy blue,Nike huarache brand share of up to 58%, if coupled with all other Nike basketball shoes, accounting for up to 92%! Apparently near the monopoly of the US basketball market share. Nike has opened Nike huarache brand flagship store in the world, currently in Chicago, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Paris, Chengdu, Taipei, Guangzhou, Beijing, a total of nine stores. In January this year, at the same time open in Chengdu IFS Square and Taipei breeze pine high. Nike huarache brand in China’s continuous shop, in addition to Nike huarache brand to enhance the growth of consumers to attract, but also to a certain extent, hit the treasure platform Nike huarache purchasing shop, narrowing their living space. But still have fans said that those limited edition shoes is still difficult to buy in the flagship store. A lot of time, we can always see a large number of loyalty to the powder all night in front of the store line waiting to buy a limited number of special models. 2014 Christmas, Nike launched the Air Nike huarache 11 Legend Blue shelves three hours will be sold out, the first week of single product sales of more than 80 million US dollars.
Nike Nike huarache’s story evolved into the design elements of shoes, each pair of Nike huarache shoes have become a “unique” moment, each pair of shoes are carrying a story. A lot of 80,90 after 00 even voluntarily for the Air Nike huarache shoes pocket, do not need too much marketing ads. Nike huarache brand want to globalization, must not be separated from the Chinese market, they are also constantly enrich the product, expand more experience, through online and offline channels to establish contact with consumers.