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Outside the stadium, basketball has left more mark on pop culture than any other sport. Since 1972, with Bruin and Blazer into the field of basketball, Nike’s track shoes in numerous athletes, artists, designers, musicians and skateboarders between the imaginary spark. In order to celebrate the impact of Nike on the ubiquitous basketball, Nike sneakers selected from the most representative of the 12 groups, 12 Soles series defines the basketball’s past, present and future. nike huaraches trainers mens,Some of the shoes are closely linked with the past, they are on the screen to reproduce the track that goes beyond the times of the running and turning movements, to design a collaborative approach and desire to win and power to show this link. Some of the shoes are ready to go, waiting to write the memory of the future, they are not only today’s basketball court heroic players armed, but also the trend of the new generation of street idol equipment. In China, the development of basketball by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the most popular sports. Especially since the 90s, the US occupation basketball game broadcast to open people’s basketball field of vision, those gathered in the dormitory, cafeteria to watch the days of many people’s youth memories, cheers cries mixed with sighs lingering in the ear. Nike shoes are also sought after in an unprecedented way, it is not only the most basketball basketball juvenile attraction strength equipment, but also parents give the children one of the best gifts. To the Nike counter to buy shoes or even become an important reason for boys shopping, save money to buy shoes with a variety of ways to penetrate the pain and happy philosophy of life. Basketball theme of animation is a lot of girls basketball enlightenment, the hero’s poster for the first time to replace the film star, affixed to their bedside; and boys here are all-round basketball player occupation. There is no doubt that Michael Jordan was the only heart of basketball fans of the “God” in 2004, his first visit to Beijing, making the Beijing Dongdan Sports Center has become a symbol of Chinese basketball culture. After Bryant Bryant represented a new generation of players took over the mantle, with unparalleled influence, inspire young people, as young players. Their athleticism, sneakers and stadium style is widely talked about. Nike basketball shoes because of the unique design and color ideas, doomed them can not stop at the basketball court, and their influence spread rapidly, more and music, art, lifestyle, etc., to promote the integration of different cultures , In a wider range of resonance, but also in the flourishing development of China into a cultural trend. In this context, China’s sneakers culture is also increasingly popular, people’s enthusiasm for shoes continues to heat up.