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Over the past year, the media continue to report Nike market share to continue to suffer rival German sports brand (feature reading) adidas eroded, although the latter volume and Nike still have a certain distance, but its rapid growth rate so that the market can not be ignored, but also Nike Feel great pressure. Adidas with star marketing and “little white shoes” quickly conquered the design, the impact of social media by the millennial generation, and Nike has been criticized too proudly complacent, too much emphasis on functional and ignore the design innovation, a popular Style Flyknit has been launched for some time. Now Nike has a pair of adidas Ultra Boost and Stan Smith contend with the “explosion” Air VaporMax. However, it is worth noting that this shoe from design to marketing, are reflected in Nike and the past is quite different from the logic. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of classic shoes Air Max, Nike in March 26 this year, Air Max Day launched new Air Vapormax, and this year’s Air Max Day theme as “Kiss My Airs”. This shoe is only from the design point of view has a strong concept, the upper still use Flyknit one weaving technology, and the soles of the transparent cushion design is very avant-garde, the function is the use of new air cushion, the main buffer light light. With the provocation of the slogan “will be at the foot of the air”, it is easy to see Nike this pair of shoes placed on the market expectations. To re-capture the younger generation of consumers, to meet the current young consumers like the visual impact of the product of this consumer preferences, Nike finally realized the importance of fashion, so the first improvement is the product shape. This is just the first step, followed by the carpet bombing marketing campaign. Has always excluded the star strategy, adhere to the use of athletes to do the spokesman for the Nike anti-normal large-scale opening of the star image. In the March 26 day at the Shanghai 800 show held Air Star Day celebration party, the domestic young idol star Li Yuchun invited to live performances, but also planned to shoot a “Kiss My Airs” promotional video, data show this video In the Nike microblogging released within two days after the release of 8 million times to play. In addition, the right Zhi Long, Li Yuchun, Joey Yung, Xu Hao Ying and model Ruby Rose has become Air VaporMax advertising image, frequent appear in the subway advertising and other public communication space. Then the Instagram and other social media appeared in front of a number of new KOL, such as the new model Adrianne Ho, they will wear Air VaporMax photos spread to social media, the use of its social influence for this new shoes Rally.